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Can I Use My Rocket League Free DLC Items on All Platforms

:110 date:2022-08-05 source:admin

Starting May 24, all Premium DLC items will be cross-platform in Rocket League! This includes items that were purchased before Free To Play.

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Make sure your Epic Account is linked to your platform account

Log into each platform with DLC Items

For example, if you have items on PlayStation and Xbox you will need to log into each

Your DLC Items will be shared across all of your platforms

For more info, check out How Do I Link My Epic Games Account to a Platform?

The following DLC are not cross-platform:

Platform-Exclusive Items (PlayStation Sweet Tooth, Xbox Hogsticker, Xbox Armadillo, Nintendo Mario and Luigi NSR, and Nintendo Samus' Gunship)

Ultimate Edition On-Disc DLC (Batman/DC Superheroes Pack)

DLC Items owned on the Nintendo Switch

You will be able to use Premium DLC owned on other platforms when playing on Switch. Items owned on your Switch cannot be used elsewhere.

DLC Items that are shared with another account on the same platform

Example: DLC used by Steam Family Sharing that is owned on a different account

For more info, check out: Premium DLC Will Be Cross-Platform Starting May 24